Thursday, May 21, 2009

the hole...

Okay, it's true. Near the end of the semester I crawled down into a hole and pulled it over my head. I felt done and stressed so I did a lot of nothing except what was necessary.

Today, it's darn sunny outside my door and flowers are blooming and I found some writing work that will help pay bills so my stress is depleting while my spirits are rising. Finally. I'm mostly an optimistic person so these dulls never take me over for too long.

I've written for the paying gig and now I know more about bentonite magma and monocular depth cues :) - yes, I'm writing STUFF stuff - but hey - it's all money.

I saw my mum on Monday (we had dinner) and that was nice since I haven't seen her in awhile. I might see her Sunday too - I'm supposed to drive to see my sister who has or will have travelled to my neck of the woods (within a 100 miles) - should be fun.

Life is improving :)

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